Grid Building Blocks Movie Poster Design

What’s so special about a poster? A poster has a finite space to communicate a lot of information that is digestible in a quick glimpse. When it comes to movies, a poster has to entice the potential viewer, present a mood, and persuade someone to go see the movie. How are the examples below successful or not successful in doing so? How does the grid impact the success of the design?


Pick a movie, any movie, and create a poster for it using one of these downloadable grids, or create your own. Your poster should follow the parameters laid out below focusing on giving a sense of the major themes while compelling the audience to see it.

Don’t forget to include the following
content in your Poster:

Additional options:

Movie Title

Premiere Date

Director Name

Additional options:



Submit your Movie Poster Design


How does the grid enhance or limit your ability to advertise this movie through a poster?

Select submissions will be posted on the website to highlight student work. Please Note: Submissions received before December will be reviewed and posted by February 1st. Submissions received between January and May will be reviewed and posted in June. Entries are accepted from all countries.

Alt Text Requirement

Alt-text is a written description of an image that allows those with low vision or blindness to experience the piece. How would you describe your poster?

Submission Specs

Size: w 24″ x h 36″
File Format: .jpg, .png
Color Mode: RGB
Resolution: 72 dpi/ppi
Max File Size: 4MB